4 Features of World-Class Equestrian Estates

These features are essential for an equestrian estate that leaves nothing to be desired.

First-Class Facilities

A well-designed stable with an adequate number of stalls, a wash rack and a tack room for your equipment are the most important items on the list.

Riding Trails

Theres quite simply no greater luxury than being able to leave your private stable on horseback and leisurely roam the propertys scenic trails.

Equestrian Community

Equine veterinarians, trainers and nearby supply stores are just a few things that youll be thankful for having easy access to.

Ample Accommodations

Multiple generations of families and large groups of friends come together at these prized homes to spend quality time together.

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How to Create a Sense of Wellness Throughout Your Home

Here are a few ways to create a sense of wellness throughout your home.

Reconnecting With the Kitchen

Wellness in the kitchen is about more than eating nutritious foods. The act of preparing food and gathering together to eat does wonders for our wellbeing.

Outdoor Spaces

Fresh air, natural light and open spaces have a significant impact on our mental wellbeing, meaning outdoor spaces have never been more important.

Activity Areas

While it might not fit the traditional definition of wellness, having an area at home to engage in your personal interests plays a role in helping you feel your best.

Sleeping Soundly

Its essential to design a bedroom that promotes relaxation and allows you to get ample rest each night, especially during stressful times such as these.

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Outdoor Showers: A Rare Luxury for City Dwellers

There are certain home features that have to be sacrificed when living in a city, like a private swimming pool or spacious backyard. You may be surprised to learn that an outdoor shower doesnt have to be one of them. While the thought alone probably conjures up images of a vacation home outside the confines of the metropolis, it is within the realm of possibility to design an outdoor shower in the city. If bathing in fresh air is a luxury you cant live without, heres everything you need to know.

Year-Round Feature
Outdoor showers are understandably associated with the warmer months, yet they are equally enjoyable, if not more, when the temperatures cool down. From winter sunrises to a quick rinse in the thick of summer, a private sanctuary where you can connect with nature under cascading water can undoubtedly be considered a year-round feature.

Bring in an Ensemble
Keep in mind that designing an outdoor shower in the city can require working with an ensemble of professionals depending on where you plan to put it. If you have a backyard, then youll have a relatively easier time installing one than if its going on your balcony or rooftop terrace. The latter can require hiring a plumber, architect, engineer and even a landscape designer to bring the perfect oasis to life.

Privacy Matters
Privacy, of course, is a top consideration when designing an outdoor shower in the city. Thats why working with an architect or landscape designer is well worth the cost in order to have creative solutions that combine form and function. Even if your rooftop terrace is safe from any prying eyes, drones have completely changed privacy in urban areas. A pergola with thick vegetation, for example, can provide you with cover from above without compromising the outdoor experience.

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How to Make Your Home a Wellness Sanctuary

Make your home a healthy and relaxing environment by adhering to these concepts…

Circadian Lighting

Smart light bulbs that dont give off any blue light will help you keep a normal circadian rhythm.

Spa-Like Bathrooms

A walk-in rain shower, sauna and massage room will help you feel your best.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors tend to be more soothing and help put us at ease.

Biophilic Design

Create living spaces that connect to the outdoors with biophilic design.

Healthy Materials

There are plenty of nontoxic materials that are safe to use both when renovating and living day-to-day at home.

Purification and Filtration

Ensure only clean air and water are entering your home with purification and filtration systems.

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How to Design Your Bathroom With Wood

Here are the basics of what you need to know when using wood in the bathroom.

Choose the Right Type

Teak, ipe and cedar wood make great candidates, as they are naturally resistant to rot and moisture.

Ventilation Is Key

An exhaust fan will help to remove the steam and allow the wood to dry quickly after each use so that it doesnt get damaged over time.

Keep It Safe With a Sealant

Just as you would apply a sealant to your wooden deck, its wise to do so in the bathroom to protect the wood from moisture. This can be done with a natural oil, such as linseed oil.

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