4 Tips for Creating a Timeless Kitchen

Here are a few tips for creating a cooking space thats sure to hold its appeal for years to come.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Whether its your oven, dishwasher or refrigerator, stainless steel has indeed established itself as part of the aesthetic in a timeless kitchen.

Marble Countertops

The veined-pattern of this natural stone lends a sophisticated ambience to any kitchen, and will stand the test of time.

Neutral Tones

Shades of white, beige or gray are commonly used to create an environment that feels clean and relaxing.

Farmhouse Sink

They combine form and function, with ample space when cooking or doing dishes, as well as an elegant appearance.

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4 Features to Look for in a Waterfront Home

For many luxury homeowners, waterfront property represents more than just a house. It provides access to a desirable lifestyle that the entire family can enjoy. From breathtaking views to endless activities right outside your door, its easy to understand the appeal. If youre interested in purchasing waterfront property in the future, here are several features to keep an eye out for.

Outdoor Living Spaces
When the weather is nice, nothing beats soaking up the views and breathing in the fresh air on a waterfront terrace. Ideally, youll be able to spend all hours outside, from your coffee at sunrise to evening barbecues with the sun setting over the water. And dont forget an outdoor shower so everyone can rinse off after swimming!

Windows & Glass Doors
If you want to enjoy those views even while youre inside, then make sure there are plenty of oversized windows and glass doors. This ensures your waterfront views will be visible from anywhere in the home and will flood your living space with natural light during the day. For waterfront homes that may be exposed to high winds and storms, its particularly important to have hurricane-resistant glass.

Private Dock
Whether youre on the ocean, a lake or a river, having a private dock opens up your world. You instantly have access to all sorts of activities, like sailing, waterskiing, fishing, and much more. Additionally, if you dont have a sandy beachfront, a dock is ideal for swimming off of and can also be used as a seating area if you have space for a few chairs.

Youll more than likely need plenty of space to store all of your equipment, outdoor furniture and water toys. A large garage or even a separate outbuilding should do the trick and allow you to keep everything in top shape when not in use.

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3 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Theater Experience

Fitness rooms and wellness areas have quickly become important features for luxury homebuyers who want to practice a healthy lifestyle, but a state-of-the-art home theater is always appreciated when its time to relax. Whether youre binge-watching a new TV series or settling in for family movie night, there are a handful of factors that contribute to creating the perfect viewing experience. Here are a few ways to upgrade your home theater.

Make It Fully Immersive
When looking to improve your home theater, its easy to get caught up analyzing the quality of your television or projector screen, but its just as important to look around the rest of the room. A cutting-edge surround sound system or even just a soundbar, for example, can greatly improve the audio quality in your home theater. Additionally, if there are any windows, blackout shades will make it easier to tune out the outside world and really bring the screen to life.

Direct Internet
Pretty much everything that we watch is streamed online these days. Of course, most of us use Wi-Fi across our phones, tablets and computers, but you may want to consider using an Ethernet cable to connect your TV or projector to the internet. It might sound antiquated, but this will provide a more stable and faster connection for streaming. If your home theater has thick, insulated walls or is located in your basement, it may experience a weak Wi-Fi connection and an Ethernet cable will solve this.

Embrace Smart Tech
For a streamlined experience, you can take control of the entire room using smart home technology. Overhead lights can be dimmed to just the right level over your mobile device and motion sensors can be set to turn on path lighting when someone has to sneak out for a bathroom break. You can even install a smart shade system that allows you to completely darken the room with the push of a button.

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What to Look for in a Second Home That Makes You Feel Rejuvenated

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4 Reasons to Love Luxurious Modern Cabins

In the past, living in a cabin in the woods usually meant going off the grid and enduring rather simple accommodations. These days, however, theres a whole new vernacular that allows homeowners to be completely enveloped in nature without sacrificing comfort. This is, of course, the modern cabin. Here are just a few reasons why everyone can love living in these cozy getaways.

Enveloped by Nature
For starters, its hard to beat the tranquil setting of a remote cabin. These homes are often surrounded by trees and designed to feel totally in harmony with their surroundings. Frequently built using an abundance of wood and glass, you can expect the outdoors to be on full display and complemented with warm, rustic appeal. Perhaps one of the biggest perks is all of the privacy the wooded scenery affords.

A Place to Unplug
Most of us will readily admit to spending too much time looking at screens. A modern cabin, however, makes it easier to put the phone away and spend more time in the real world. Whether youre diving into a good book or playing board games with the family, being immersed in nature makes it easier to slow down and reconnect with the world and those around you.

Modern Amenities
Of course, its unrealistic today to be totally disconnected at all times, especially for those who work from home. The good news is that many of these cabins are designed with just the right amount of technology and modern amenities while still allowing you to live simply. From smart home devices to wellness features, a cabin in the woods doesnt exactly mean that you have to rough it.

Access to the Outdoors
Getting your daily dose of exercise and fresh air is just a matter of stepping outside. These homes often benefit from endless space for outdoor living and recreation. From nearby walking trails to fishing holes, theres no better way to beat cabin fever than taking full advantage of your immediate surroundings.

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