4 Ideas for Creating a Luxurious Attic

Thursday, September 17, 2020

When its time to make use of that storage area above your home, theres no shortage of possibilities. Converting your attic into a finished space is a great way to add value and improve your home, but deciding what exactly to put there can be a challenge. If youre considering a new project, here are several exciting options to transform any attic.

Full-Floor Master Suite
If the space permits, the top floor of your house can be perfect for creating a private and spacious master suite. This will most likely be a significant undertaking, especially if it requires adding plumbing, but youll be rewarded with a luxurious getaway that you can escape to at the end of each day. To top it off, chances are youll also enjoy the best views in the home.

Rec Room
Since attics are typically one large, open space they can be great for converting into a rec room where the whole family can hang out. This makes a fun bonus space for the kids to run around, but be sure to add proper insulation and floor joists to prevent noise, especially if its above your bedroom.

Guest Suite
When you need to add an extra bedroom to the house, the attic is always a good place to look. You can create elegant guest quarters that offer ample privacy and are perfect for a nanny, in-laws or any overnight visitors. Having a separate floor will make guests feel like they have their own space and arent stepping on anyones toes.

Home Office
A well-equipped workspace has quickly become one of the most important features in the house. Whether you want to add value before putting your home on the market or simply need a place where you can work remotely, the attic is an ideal solution. You can design a home office or studio thats removed from any distractions and helps you to settle into a productive daily routine.

Published with permission from RISMedia.